Evolve into the Superbeing 
You are Designed to Be 
Evolve into the Superbeing 
You are Designed to Be 

Weekend Experiential Immersion
May 13-15, 2022

5 Experiential Immersion Classes
August 4th - September 1st

Hi, I am Dr. Christine Malenda! 

Hi, I am Dr. Christine Malenda! 

For decades I have had the privilege to lead people into the revelation of their personal power. Solutions, creations, and never-before-dreamed-of possibilities have ignited new paths to Spiritual Prosperity™. 
During this immersion weekend we will be deconstructing the faulty belief patterns of your ego and building your crystal clear connection to your Higher Self.

We are breaking down and healing the generational beliefs that rob you of the clarity needed to see, hear, and follow through with the perfect wisdom that is only designed for you.
I remain passionate about delivering the tools you need to bring forth the Highest and Best version of YOURSELF! 

In one weekend you have the unique opportunity to rewrite your destiny. Your experience will include:

  • Boot up your endocrine system (regulates hormones that affect mood, metabolism, sleep, blood pressure, and mental balance) so that you can receive clear guidance from your Higher Self (soul). 
  • Identify and clear your faulty beliefs so that your personal and professional brilliance can shine. 
  • Reveal your Life Purpose so that fulfillment is yours every day. 
  • ​Balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain so that you can maintain a continuous flow of clarity and insight in all circumstances.
  • ​Learn my unique process of channeling wisdom so that you now enjoy a life of powerful productivity and manifestation.
  • ​Develop trust in your inner senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience and their power to provide answers for your highest good. 
  • ​Formulate effective questions and receive productive answers so that you transcend limitations and live as a superbeing!

If you have come to a point in your life where you desire the ability to live as a Superbeing who has the uplifting force of creation which opens your infinite prosperity, peace, vitality, joy and purpose, Awaken Your Clear Channel™ is the answer. 

Who Is This For?

Those who want my proprietary Awaken Your Clear Channel™ process which provides:

  • Accurate guidance to strengthen your spiritual qualities
  • Develop (beginner) or deeply improve (experienced) intuitive ability
  • Begin or improve your skills as a Spiritual Healer
  • ​Create and manifest ideas and goals, both personal and professional
  • ​Clarify your purpose and direction 
  • ​Manifest a life you love!

What makes this immersive experience different from anything else you’ve participated in? 

  • I’ve never taught this level of immersion before. If you’ve attended or participated in any of my previous or current classes or masterminds, (The Wealthiest Version of YOU, The Kingdom in ME Mastermind, Spirit Scribes or any other training I’ve conducted) this is your catalyst to deepen your personal or professional practice.
  • ​If you’ve never trained or coached with me prior, you can expect this training to propel you into the highest dimensions for guidance.
  • ​Awaken Your Clear Channel™ opens your ability of crystal clear channeling to receive Divinely inspired answers for yourself and others which cannot be received anywhere else! 
  • ​You will learn precisely what you have been doing to delay and/or repel your prosperity and how to turn it completely around.
  • ​You will be given my proprietary process to effectively alter your destiny.
  • ​You will begin your mastery of creating desired and prosperous outcomes that is nothing short of miraculous!

“Bring Forth the Highest Manifestations of Your Soul by 
Awakening Your Clear Channel!” - Dr. Christine Malenda

Awaken Your Clear Channel Curriculum:

Setting the Vision for Radical Results - 
2 Hours 

  • The Language of Spirit 
  • Open Intuition 
  • Identify Your Strongest Inner Sense 
  • ​Lift Your Vibration Instantly 
  • ​Meditation Part 1

Breaking Your Boundaries and Building Your Forces of Energy - 2 Hours

  • Experience the Gift of Channeling 
  • ​Identify Blocks Keeping You From Spiritual Prosperity
  • Dismantling the E.G.O.
  • Reactive Selves and The Great Wall of Protection 
  • ​The Structure of a Sovereign Being
  • ​Feeling and Sending Energy 
  • ​Right & Left Brain Resources 
  • ​Learn to Cut Energetic Cords 
  • ​Using Spiritual Abilities for Healing
  • ​Psychic Effects of Measured Breathing 
  • ​Meditation Part 2 & 3

Supernatural Living in the Physical World - 
2 Hours

  • Identify Your Supernatural Qualities
  • Energize Your Supernatural Qualities with Each Other 
  • Utilize Your Thoughts as the Soldiers of Your Intent 
  • Shaping Light into Form 
  • ​Form Effective Questions that Create Productive Answers 
  • ​Step Up as a Spiritual Initiate 
  • ​Meditation 4 & 5 
  • ​Awaken Your Clear Channel Ceremony

About  Dr. Christine

Dr. Christine Malenda, Creator of Spiritual Prosperity™, knows she was gifted with an innate calling to help others experience “enlightened vitality” in spirit, body, and business. Her mission from a young age has been to show the way for the world to live as happy, healthy, and wholly human beings. 

Having had a fascination with SPIRIT all her life, Dr. Christine had the awakened ability to tap into the power of spirit anytime she endured painful events. Learning to HEAR her ancestors and guides from the other side, she was comforted by knowing she was supported simply by tuning into her Higher Self. 
Motivated by her incredibly challenging journey, Dr. Christine dedicated her life and invested her heart and soul into pursuing degrees and countless certifications in the study of the Psychology and Anatomy of Spirit. At 18 her journey to earn her Doctorate in Metaphysical Healing launched into her global career as a mentor, coach, speaker and best-selling author alongside such notables as Dr. Wayne Dyer, authors from The Secret and other successful movers and shakers. 

In-spired each day to help women reveal the “Wealthiest Version” of themselves, Dr. Christine helps her clients emerge from their darkest moments and free themselves to flourish in GOOD FORTUNE. 

With a mantra of, “Make a Joyful Noise”, Dr. Christine believes that our lives should make a joyful noise in everything we set out to do. Today her Wealthiest Version of YOU teachings ARE the Divine Way for ALL to bring their greatest gifts to the world!

What Time and Day Will The Classes Start?
Classes are every Thursday evening from 7-9pm EST. 
How will Awaken Your Clear Channel be presented?
Currently I am offering this unique program via Zoom. You will be given downloadable supplies for the 5 classes. 
What if I can't attend all the classes?
The 5 immersion classes require you to be fully present. Distractions happen when we move forward into growth. Gift yourself this opportunity.
Do you offer refunds?
No. All benefits begin as soon as you enroll in the program. Embarking on this journey requires dedication and fortitude to see this process through. 
Is this religious-based Spirituality?
No. This experience is for enriching your own spiritual path and is supportive of all faiths. 

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